Practicing Kata while listening to Punk music is fun, but sometimes it is hard not to start laughing.
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New Zealand

Well for those of you that did not receive a phone call. I'm back.

New Zealand was fantastic. So many things and such little time. I'm not going to go into full detail of everything but the cliff notes are as follows.

Landed in Auckland at 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday (it was really fucking early and did not follow a peaceful sleep like when I wake up at the ass of dawn for a film shoot). Kevin and I wandered around Auckland disoriented and looking at pretty things until we stumbled upon our first hostel. Had breakfast with a very rowdy British family (small children and all).
This day was followed by trips to museums, art galleries, lots of Irish bands playing. We had lunch on the top of a volcano, hung out on an ice cliff, slid down the side of a snow covered mountain on are asses. We saw Mount Doom, walked through Rivendale. We creeped around a glacier at night, that was honestly quite spooky. We went sky diving and Zorbing. Zorbing is kinda like being in a hamster ball with hot water inside (like a water slide) and rolling down a hill. Very fun.
We rode a jet ferry, and a normal ferry. We just wondered around for quite a bit in the different areas. Made lots of bad jokes about cows, sheep, orcs, and unattractive people. Drove around both North and South Island. We saw dolphins, sea lions and all sorts of crazy birds. We forded through creeks, small rivers, and really icky smelling mud. I pulled a tendon in my ankle, that still hurts like a bitch.
We went to a natural hot spring. Hung out in one of the top spas in the world, where we lazed about looking at one of the many gorgeous views. The entire country is great views.
Kevin went snowboarding while I studied Japanese and people watched (ankle was not my friend at that point). The people watching was very entertaining. We met so many different people and stayed in all sorts of places. The man that owned a hostel at the beginning of the Abel Tasman Trek I swear could have been a dwarf or a leprechaun. The hostel seemed right out of the set of Snow White and the Seven Drawfs.
We went drinking with Brian in Wellington and saw the Dresden Dolls play. Lots of fantastic wine all over New Zealand. I saw a demonstration of "the white boy shuffle" for the first time. I learned that Kevin does not believe in talking cats but he will help devise battle plans in case we are attacked by orcs. We had wonderful adventures together and a few miss adventures. Such as nearly running out of gas (we had our fingers crossed by the time we found a gas station). I found the only two "gothic" stores in the country and I saw some not quite wonderful fashion on New Zealand fashion week. Keving was totally sweet and we had lots of fantastic moments together.

I have been back since Friday since both the theater and the opera had shows open that I had to be at. Which has been fun, but I am glad Kevin will be back soon too.
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Such a cute little Zombie!

This is from a shoot earlier this month. It was so much fun, and that is the most well behaved mellow child I have ever encountered. He was so mellow and co-opperative after nine hours of filming it was a bit scary. I and the AD were joking that he was possessed by the quietest demon ever.

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Clay everywhere

Some days I think it might be artisticlly thrilling to shoot my sculpture. Oh well, back to poking at Freddy Kreuger's cheek.
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I want a bumper sticker that says, "Motorcyclist are hot, Bicyclist are suicidal" or at least one that says, "Motorcyclist are hot" The suicidal part is mostly aimed at the fucking nut jobs that run stops signs around Haight Street.
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My mother makes me physically ill

She really does, I will spare all of you the details on that one.

But, for a side note of family drama my step-father had a heart attack, and lived.

My first thought was, "fucking hell the bastard should have died."

My Aunt Lisa couldn't believe I said that (although her and 99% of the family agree)

Dalton (the little brother) is doing ok.

I did leave my father a voice mail telling him I would not have the same sentiments toward him if he had a heart attack.
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WTF an update

Lots and lots of being busy for me.

I have been...
Going to work.
Taking skin care classes from the International Dermal Institute (they are pretty cool)
Worked on an Union film (that was pretty cool, will happen again hopefully at the end of the summer)
Fighting the winter sniffles (icky)
Snowboarding (cool)
Gambling (fun in small amounts)
Being a ninja (fucking cool)
Apprenticing under a fucking phenomenal make up God. (I'm not going to name drop)
Working with Shannon on coating more of the world in blood. (Lots of fun)
Kicking Kevin's ass at chess and losing badly at pool. (meow)

I could probably think of more things, but for the most part this is just to say "Hi" to everyone. So...

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Precious Moments

So I only live a few blocks from my boss' house. This morning as I am on my way to the gym I run into her boyfriend. He is a bit frantic and says, "Where can I buy flowers around here!"

I didn't laugh out loud and I did give him some options, then wished him good luck.

I'm still kinda giggling about it.

Happy V-Day everyone!
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